VW Cup S2: Pre-Season Event [19.12.13] - Miller Motorsports Park

Discussion in 'VW Cup S2 (finished)' started by Aaron Channer, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver


    Date: Thursday 19th December 2013
    Server name: simracingpro.com VW Cup
    Track: Miller Motorsports Park (Outer/short course)

    Practice: Server is up
    Qualifying: 8:00pm GMT (20 minutes)
    Warm-up: 8:20pm GMT (5 minutes)
    Race (one): 8:25pm GMT (25 minutes)
    Race (two): 8:50pm GMT (25 minutes)

    Rules & regulations:


    This is a pre-season event, no championship points are available. This event gives drivers the chance to get used to each other, in time for the championship.

    If your name is on the entry list you are expected to turn up for the event.
    If you don't, you will be reported as absent. (Absence reports shall be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.)

    Entry List:
    1. Dan Allinson #99 Bjorn de Haas #60 (R)
    2. Nicolas Béver #8
    3. Andy Breedon #7 Michael van Scheppingen #72 (R)
    4. Aaron Channer #13
    5. Jim Flannigan #18
    6. Sébastien Foucart #23
    7. Geoffrey Fournier #22
    8. James Gahagan #14 Oscar Pink #9 (R)
    9. Simon Gardner #51
    10. Adam Holloway #31
    11. Aelcio Junior #71
    12. Martin Kraaijenbrink #70 Ethan Bass #52 (R)
    13. Alexandre Novaes #69
    14. Jonas Orfelt #24 Nick Ansell (R)
    15. Michael Paffett #37
    16. Mário Peixoto #20
    17. Grégory Pignato #12
    18. Roger Prikken #88
    19. Loz Reid #33
    20. Neil Rocks #42
    21. Adam Rowledge #5
    22. Marco Sbordoni #40 Pedro Ferreirinha #27 (R)
    23. Chris Shepherd #21
    24. Mika Ukkonen #74
    25. Dariusz Wielgosz #16
    Reserves (R):
  2. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Server is up. Nice and early. :)
  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Could everyone ensure they log on to the server with the name you are registered here with. No nicknames, thanks. :)
  4. Mário Peixoto Licensed Driver

    I will only be able to get on the server at the end of this week, if not later. Still in the UK and plenty of stuff to do when I return to Portugal. But I will show up in the race on the 19th, that's for sure. ;)

    Unless the airplane falls.:eek::D
  5. Jim Flannigan Licensed Driver

    Hi guys wots password for server ?
  6. Eric Stranne Licensed Driver

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  7. Jim Flannigan Licensed Driver

  8. Aelcio Junior Licensed Driver

    hello guys!
    is there any way to know the lap time of the other drivers?
    I am new in the league and i don't know if my lap times are good.
    Can anybody post here the current lap time?

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  9. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Hi mate, anything around 2min is good. Don't worry too much about your pace, anything can happen in a race.
  10. Adam Holloway Licensed Driver

    Hi, I'm also new to this and the best I've managed is 2.01 and a bit averaging probably more like 2.02 and a bit if that helps! not sure how that compares though
  11. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Nothing wrong with that time mate. :)
  12. Sebastien Foucart Licensed Driver

    Hi Adam, to help you my time is 1.57.0 practise. Good training. :)
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  13. Adam Holloway Licensed Driver

    Ok thanks for that :)
  14. Aelcio Junior Licensed Driver

    oh my...
    1.57.0 is 1 second faster than my lap time.
    I have much work to do...
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  15. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    I'm aware a few of you aren't keen on this track, and frankly I don't give a damn. :p
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  16. Neil Rocks Licensed Driver

    I like it :)

    Scenery is a bit dull, but who's here for sightseeing?
  17. Dan Allinson Licensed Driver

    Can you add me to the list please Aaron
  18. Ethan Bass Licensed Driver

    Can I come racing please. :D
  19. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Indeed mate. :p

    You're on the reserve list. See what occurs.
    Turn up on the night, you know there's nearly always a spot. ;)
  20. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    There is a spot now!

    On the 19th I have a christmasdiner at school
    of my little daughter, so can't be there, sorry.

    Normally i will have all the time on thursdays, reason i signed up
    for 2nd season as well. :) Fine raceday for me.

    Good luck all with pre-event :cool:
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