Vectra V6 Challenge

Discussion in 'Game Stock Car Extreme' started by Simon Gardner, May 2, 2014.

  1. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    GSC 2014-05-02 14-29-17-10.jpg GSC 2014-05-02 14-18-56-43.jpg GSC 2014-05-02 14-20-39-64.jpg GSC 2014-05-02 14-23-45-79.jpg GSC 2014-05-02 14-18-29-73.jpg

    Vectra V6 Challenge for GSC Extreme
    Original Vectra mod for GTR2: MRS Productions (Trackaholics)
    Thanks to Ron123 for permission for GSC release.

    3D model by Anders Jensen aka incognito
    Rfactor Conversion by Dave

    Skins by
    Simon Gardner
    junior graphics

    Inlcudes templates and 10 wheel styles 2 of which are paintable for any wheel colour. Pictures of each wheel and their relating genstring number in template folder.

    Not to be hosted elsewhere with out permission from Trackaholic's admin.

    Updated version 1.1 08/05/14
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  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    This looks very interesting Simon, shall be testing this one shortly :)
  3. Simon Gardner Licensed Driver

    Version 1.1 added - changes to suspension and HDV file to fix its keenness to roll over.

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