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    • Here are the supertouring car mods created by AndreasFSC for RACE07 and converted by me for GTR2:

    Supertouring Reloaded plus templates :

    Info and Credits:
    • All skins by AndreasFSC
    • Sounds - Mostly Simbin default from both GTR2 and RACE07 + its expansions
    Updates from RACE07 version:
    • Simbin Volvo S40 cockpit replaced Andreas' version
    • New Gear indicator and RPM lights on all cars
    • Added car #22 Paula Cook #24 Tiff Needell #99 Flavio Figueiredo
    • Reworked Talent files
    • New Emaps for all cars
    • New tyre file original from SSR S2000 mod
    • All cars are set up to easily allow multiple wheel styles but currently only a couple have so far in anticipation of the 1997 addon.
      See Genstring text in specific car folders for details or in the Mondeo's case the JPEG.

    Supertouring Collection including: Install this one 2nd!
    • Nissan Primera 2000 shape
    • Honda Accord 1999 shape
    • Volvo 850
    • Alfa Romeo 155
    • Alfa Romeo 156
    • Chrysler/Dodge Stratus
    • BMW 320i E36
    Info and Credits:
    • AndreasFSC for the original Mod and the BTCC skins
    • biffenh for the STCC skins
    • Jandri for the BMW Supertouring gearbox whine
    • Simbin for sounds, Volvo Cockpit, Chrysler cockpit and Alfa 156
    • JD121449 for the Honda Cockpit update
    • New Emaps
    • See genstring readmes for wheel colours
    • Fixed material clash with Chysler/Volvo wheels]
    BMW template:
    Alfa 155 template:

    GTR2 2014-02-26 16-03-49-49.jpg GTR2 2014-02-26 16-05-34-75.jpg GTR2 2014-02-26 16-05-13-12.jpg GTR2 2014-02-26 16-04-03-89.jpg GTR2 2014-02-26 16-05-54-04.jpg

    More screenshots -
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