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  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Here you will find the basic rules for the SRP Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup. First of all: these are rules which will be used to judge reported incidents. It's a guide to allow all drivers to understand what can be/should be reported and which penalty they can expect for it.

    However, the circumstances of the respective incident must always be taken into consideration, so the race direction will make the final decision regarding the penalty in the range given below.

    If there any questions, please PM me, so that I can clarify if necessary. Or perhaps you have a suggestion if anything is missing or could be improved?

    • changing line to defend
    You are allowed to change your line ONCE to defend your position. For example, if you choose the right side, you must leave room on the opposite side of the track for the other car. If you move back towards the racing line, you must leave one car width space.


    • giving each other space
    This league will use the "50% rule".
    What does it mean ? If a car is at least 50% beside another car, they have to give each other space on track and are not allowed to just follow the racing line. If the car behind has less than 50% overlap, the car in front is allowed to follow the normal racing line. The driver of the car behind must consider that and is responsible for avoiding contact.


    • rejoining the track
    If you leave the track for ANY reason, you must make sure to rejoin safely. If you are much slower than racing speed, you must rejoin the track OFF the racing line. If you are faster, you may rejoin at speed, provided you do not disadvantage another driver.


    • passing
    If the car behind has at least 50% overlap, both cars must give each other room. The car being overtaken must NOT cut the opponent's line if he (the opponent) has 50% or more overlap. Any contact before that is a reportable offence and will lead to a penalty. The penalty can be reduced by allowing the other car to re-pass.


    • allowing someone to pass
    If you want to let someone pass, for example when you are given a blue flag or a re-pass after an incident, you must do so in a safe manner. Never decrease your speed by braking on the racing line. To let someone pass, go off the racing line and decrease your speed, don't cut the racing line while doing that. If necessary, wait for a longer straight.


    If the rules explained above are not adhered to, the following penalties will be applied, depending on the severity of the incident:

    • Without disadvantage to the affected driver (e.g. not losing positions or much time)
    - warning --> 5 sec penalty

    • With disadvantage to the affected driver (e.g. losing position(s) or a lot of time)
    - 5 sec penalty --> 20 sec penalty
    - not allowed to qualify next race
    - Drive Throught penalty next race

    • With severe disadvantage to the affected driver (e.g. losing many places and time or even DNF the race)
    - 20 sec --> 1 min penalty
    - disqualified from the race or the whole event
    - repeat offender: ban from next event -> ban from the league

    track behaviour:
    • chat in qualifying or race sessions
    Use the chat or TS in qualifying (training 1 - 2 and Qualifying session) or race only if it is really needed. Needless chat will NOT be tolerated.

    • pit lane speed limiter
    Because qualifying is time limited, you MUST use the pit limiter EVERY time you exit the pits. Infringements will be punished by the race director, and should reported by any driver.

    If the correct behaviour explained above is not adhered to, the following penalties will be applied, depending on the severity of the incident:

    • 1st offence
    - warning

    • 2nd offence
    - final warning

    • every time after that
    - point deduction from 1, to 2, to 3 and so on points (for needless chatting)
    - no qualifying next race or point deduction in case of last race (for pit lane speed limiter)

    The race direction expect every participant to read, understand and try to follow ALL the rules explained above in the league events. You can show this by rating this post "Agree". If you not agree with any aspect, I suggest you PM me so we can solve the problem together. If that is not successful you may sign out from the league.
  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    penalties for cutting:

    By signing up to the league, every driver confirmed again to follow the SRP rules. Breaking the cutting rule:
    • Keep two wheels on the track at all times. Curbs are a part of the track.
    will be judged as follows:

    - Cutting during less than 15% of the total race laps will lead to a warning from the race direction without any disadvantage to the driver.
    - Every single cut over 15% will lead to a +1 sec penalty added to the race time of the driver.
    - Please be aware that the race direction can only proof special places of any racetrack, so if you notice cutting anywhere on track, please notify the race direction (PM Andreas Löffler or Rob Hermans).
    - Apart from the 15% rule will be cutting with an obvious advantage, for example gaining a place or a lot of time. In this case the race direction will hand out an appropriate penalty. These incidents must be reported the same as any other incident (unless during the first lap).

    change log:
    23.08.2014 - replaced 25% to 15%
  3. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    flashing lights (rule are active from R6 Mt. Panorama)

    • Flashing lights during any session (training, qualy, race) is forbidden. Infringements will seen as unfair driving and will lead (report assumed) to penalty, handed out by the race direction.
      • The ONLY exception is when overtaking a driver who is one or more laps behind to indicate to let you pass with the help of the blue flags. (Preferably on a straight, and not in corners or a chicane)
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