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  1. Yuri Braham SRP Moderator

    SRP Fuel Calculator V1.0.1.0 (21 jan 2012)

    Updated version created with the feedback. Thanks guys.
    Still some updates waiting for V2 but for now some other changes that where needed.

    * Total racetime added minutes field
    * Average laptime added minutes field
    * Average laptime added seconds field
    * Total lap prediction number is always rounded up.
    * Total fuel needed number is always rounded up
    * "." are read as "," in the average fuel per lap.

    Direct download Click here!


    SRP Fuel Calculator V1.0.0.5

    Basic fuel calculator for all simracing games. It calculates the exact total amount of fuel needed for the race. This is without the safety marge!!
    I say always calculate 1 lap of extra fuel with it.

    - Calculates the amount of laps based on total racing time and average laptimes.
    - Caclulates the exact total fuel (without safety marge) for the race.

    Feel free to speak about the calculator. Feedback is always welcome!
  2. Yuri Braham SRP Moderator

    Daniel, i will have a look into the "." Decimal thing.
  3. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Not sure if everyone sees the same thing on this version of the calculator, but when I used it with settings for Sebring it showed that I needed over 6000 liters of fuel for the 60 minute race. I am guessing it doesn't put in a decimal point for the required fuel.
  4. Roel Postma Licensed Driver

    use this fomula: racetime in seconds 3600 sec / laptime in seconds 132 = 27.3 laps + 1lap = 28.3 + reserve 1 = 29.5 x average fuel per lap
  5. Jim Cole Licensed Driver

    Thanks Roel, was just commenting on the lack of the decimal place in the calculator is all :)
  6. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Brill thanks :)
  7. John Bowman Licensed Driver


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