Discussion in 'Other Driving Simulations' started by Andy Reed, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    Has any1 tried Simraceway?

    As i have heard good reviews on it


    Any input would be greatful
  2. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    Heard of it, it was co developed by Dan Wheldon.
    But its more expensive then iracing
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  3. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    Its actually free to play, with addons that cost money, or you drive 24/7 to earn enough points to be able to get the bigger and better stuff.

    I tried it for a bit and it was alright. Not brilliant but not bad. Racing is all online, there's no AI (I think) but there is offline practice.

    One thing I hate about these newer games like simraceway, rfactor 2 and iracing is all the american circuits and ovals. Apart from 3 or 4 circuits, they're all boring. Most European and most of the Aussie tracks are much better. There's also much better tracks elsewhere in the world like Asia/Japan and South America. 99% of the world races on proper circuits, whereas 99% of americans race and watch stuff on ovals...and dont get me started on american vs european cars ;) Thats that rant over.... :)
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  4. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    I tried SRW and I wasn't awfully impressed. Yeah it looks and sounds good and drives OK- but the whole setup sucks. I did a quick online race and there was no practice or quali. With the other events there probably is practice and quali, but not with quick race. Most of it is hot lapping. The cars seemed kind of too easy to drive as well.

    Now this was one car, one track and one mode. But there was no body online at the time in the other rooms either. And it's a beta. But that one experience wasn't enough to take me away from Race 07 now or change plans about rFactor2 later.
  5. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    SRW is a great game :)
    It is free , credits needed to buy car are very easy to gain by doing clean timed laps. Of course if u are in a hurry u can use cash to buy cars.
    Also it is not a one day sim, it need practice lots of laps, after that it will start to grow on you :)
    In terms of tracks , well as i saw above ovals are actually quite few , and most used are normal tracks (those that have a right turn :D ) and it has quite a lot of them some very challenging (watkins glen, mid ohio, zandvoort, silverstone, guangdong, sonoma, brno , laguna seca, lime rock, troyton, assen , CotA , edmonton, giza, donington, cadwell park , brands hatch )
    In terms of cars , well kind of beats everything that is out there from karts, streetcars, gt, formula, offroad, indy etc...

    It is a proper sim (nothing arcade on it) , car setup offers a lot of tweaks, tweaks that you can feel u made them , car simulation is great u can properly feel the car , feel everycorner every bump :)
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  6. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    That's a lot of great info Adrian, thank you. SRW is not a sim we've ever run at SRP, and the way things are at the moment (not enough staff, very few donations, etc.) it's not likely we will EVER run it, sorry. :(
  7. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    No problem Rob , i was just pointing out SRW assets, since i saw the above posts and i felt the need to set things straight with this game that i curently play. My ideea is to try out rfactor2 to see if it can properly handle gamepad control, and if it is all ok then i want to join my team mate Nirajan in rfactor2 leagues :D
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  8. Tsumasaki Sentan Licensed Driver

    Hi, Adrian!
    Good to see more SDEv guys around here :D

    I must correct your ode on Simraceway in one point: They have a lot of ovals on their track list.
    Daytona, Phoenix, Autoclub, Texas, Bristol, Kentucky, Indianapolis, Bristol, Chicagoland, Martinsville, Homestead Miami. I might have missed out on one or two more...
    So, basically, SRW has all the potential to become one of the greatest Sims around(, if you let the AI aside, which still sucks). Only their management isn't clever enough to make the most of it... Nice free to play racer, though. Enough, at least, to raise a great team like SDEv to the point, where we can think about going to rFactor2. :)
  9. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Yes we are the simraceway boys !! :) we have learnt our skills there and had some great races and championships !!... simraceway uses isiMotor2, and the FFB has been developed well and has the strengths and weakness that my mates have highlighted above !!
  10. Thomas Alderton Licensed Driver

    This seems very good. I tried it once after getting in contact with the dev team on twitter. They were very keen to keep people playing it and helping them develop it.
    At first I wasn't so keen on the whole game as Free to play always means in game purchases that you need to make like buying tracks and cars (like iracing) but I don't think this was the case, I just never got into it, however I'm willing to give it a try again and will download it again. Hopefully there are more people online that what there was when I first played it.

    Edit: It's shocking! It hasn't got any better than when I played it a year ago, force feedback has 2 settings nothing or everything making the whole game driving on a wheel undrivable. I spent about 2 hours just trying to sort the feedback out to simply find out on the chat that it's just rubbish and that I was wasting my time.
    Don't Download, Don't even try it to be honest, I've tried it twice. Your better off spending your time of Race Room (R3E) and grinding your time on that.
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  11. Tsumasaki Sentan Licensed Driver

    ..I'm too late, it seems... Sorry, you have wasted your time, dude!
    There are some fixes to the forcefeedback, which make it feel almost decent. You can get this to be just below the level of Game Stock Car Extreme, after being very patiently part of the community for a long time and having known the one and only really caring staff guy.
    But the game has no tire model, except a rounded block. So it feels stupid, in comparison to any other sim of our time. They don't like to talk about it...
    We have gathered all tricks and little fixes, to extract the most of this game over the whole year of team history overthere. That's, why half of the 40 actually active players of Simraceway are currently signed-up for the SDEv M├ęgane Trophy Tour.

    Don't try Simraceway, if you're not desperately looking for the best freeware out there!
  12. Adrian Brezeanu Licensed Driver

    Too bad Thomas that you did not like it. Probably is all about personal preferences in a game. Anyway thank you for the fact that you gave it a go. Personaly it is the best one for me, addicted to it.
    And yes you need time to find a perfect setting for keyboard, gamepad, wheel driving. The game has his up's and down's and has the biggest real money awarded in a sim game, in last 4 year a total of over 500.000 $ in prizes.
    Sadly recently it is all in one extraordanary admin of the game Cossacco, he is trying hard to keep all going, so i do have the confidence tht he will pull thru a bit of a difficult time for the game.

    As example : i started playing AC for a week now, personally i find it very hard to drive, at least for a gamepad user that i currently am. This is much better made for wheel racers (which is perfectly normal, since wheel is the proper way to play a simracing game). So i'm just trying and adjusting every gamepad available setting until i get a proper lap time, so for the moment gamepad suport for AC i say it is awfull, but i'll see in the future.
    But the ideea is Thomas that even after a week im far off a proper setting to control the car, but then again im just learning the game not telling no one not to try AC just because i do not have a proper setting. I think that was the case with your wheel settings too.

    Cheers ;)
  13. Thomas Alderton Licensed Driver

    Well, if they can't offer force feedback correctly then I won't advise anyone to try it at all. It's broken in the sense that it has FFB but really it doesn't. Mis-sold if it was bought.
    Anyways I tried it and hated it for the sole reason it advertises FFB and doesn't deliver, and hasn't been fixed over the how many years this has been released. Not surprised it's going through a hard time.

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