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Discussion in 'SV8M 2015 Sign Ups' started by Wayne Reed, Mar 7, 2015.

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  1. Wayne Reed SRP League Organiser

    To register for the league, you can sign up as an individual driver or as a two-man team. You my sign up sister teams.

    So, before you sign up as single driver please try to find a team mate, best over PM's or over in this thread HERE

    To choose your car number please look available numbers below

    Sign Up with this format please:

    Team Name:

    Driver 1:

    Driver 2:

    gsce available numbers.png
  2. Wayne Reed SRP League Organiser

    Team Name: Total Sim Racing

    Driver 1: Wayne Reed
    Number: 25
    Car: Chevrolet
    Nationality: English
  3. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Team Name: Cosmo Autosport JDR

    Driver 1: Joshua Anderson
    Number: #7
    Car: Chevy
    Nationality: English

    Driver 2: Christopher Hall-Nelson
    Number: #9
    Car: Chevy
    Nationality: English

    Team Name: Cosmo Autosport HMR

    Driver 1: Norman Bruce
    Number: #49
    Car: Peugeot
    Nationality: Scottish

    Driver 2: TBA
    Number: #99, subject to change (if anyone wants this, feel free to take it)
    Car: Peugeot
    Nationality: TBA
  4. Imre Bende Licensed Driver

    Team Name: SIMCO

    Driver 1: Imre Bende
    Number: 76
    Car: Peugeot
    Nationality: Hungary
  5. Rolf Just Licensed Driver

    Team Name: Petty Enterprise

    Driver 1: Rolf Just
    Number: 43
    Car: Chevrolet
    Nationality: Germany
  6. Christopher Hall-Nelson Licensed Driver

    Sorry guys, Im pulling out before we get going.
    I've been doing some laps this week, getting back into the grove, but the pain level in my back has gone back to post op levels, from when i had all that lovely titanium but in.

    Sorry folks, but its better to wise up to the fact now, than leave it to late for Joshua to get a new team mate.

    Peace out folks
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  7. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    I'm sorry to announce this just a week from the pre-season test but I will have to withdraw my entry to this league. There are many reasons behind this, relating to my equipment and general motivation to race.

    If it's quite alright with him I'd like to move Norman to the #7 JDR car and for now withdraw the HMR entry.
  8. Niranjan Kumar Licensed Driver

    Team Name: SDEv

    Driver 1: Niranjan Kumar
    Number: 77
    Car: Peugeot
    Nationality: Indian
  9. Thomas Alderton Licensed Driver

    Team Name: Team ATOM

    Driver 1: Thomas Alderton
    Number: 40
    Car: Chevrolet

    (I am willing to join a team if needed)
    (Sorry I missed all pre-tests due to illness so did not sign up. I am able to make every race that I'm aware of from Round 2. I cannot make Round 1 sadly due to exams).
  10. Daniel Zombori Licensed Driver

    Team Name: Zombori Motorsport

    Driver 1: Daniel Zombori
    Number: 26
    Car: Chevrolet
    Nationality: Hungary

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