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  1. Yuri Braham SRP Moderator

    So you registered at
    Are you ready for some fun and excitement?
    Have a few friends that you like to race with and want a fun place to do it?
    Now is the time to get your Driver's Licence and start racing in one of our events or leagues.

    To hold a Driver's Licence post a new thread with the application template.
    Your current user-name/nickname will be replaced with your real name!
    By applying you have to agree the SRP general rules.

    Copy the form below and start a new thread with the heading "Licence Application."

    Real Name:

    Type of driver:

    Gear: Joypad, Racing Wheel, Keyboard

    I agree to race and forum rules of SRP: Yes / No

    How did you find SRP:

    Racing sims that I own:
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