[R3E] Video competition GT3 Camaro at Hockenheimring

Discussion in 'Other Driving Simulations' started by Geoffrey Fournier, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Hi i'm taking part in a video competition GT3 Camaro at Hockenheimring. This is a competition on Race Room Racing Experience to win vRP and then buy others mods. What do you think of my vid'? What do i have to improove to the next vid' competition? Actually on the laptime leaderboard, i'm 6th ;) But it's on vid' that we are judged this time and not laptimes.
    Please subscribe, like & comment ;)
    Is anyone here participating in the R3E competition? There are some nice prices to wins like vRP (to buy mods), DTM & ADAC GT Master ticket, Euronics 50euros card.... ;)
  2. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    More rainbows and SRP logo's please :p.

    More serieus, perhaps a nice fade-out of the music at the end, and (if allowed) some more track side shots or something like that, but that's just some minor details on a great vid!
  3. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    SRP logos? In competition we have to use a basic skin hehe. Hum yes it was my first try on making vid' on R3E. But i frapsed my lap, i didn't know in this game we have to press R after our lap to record what we want. Now i know. So now i will put some differents camera etc. Just so you know, since a month, you don't need to buy the mod to take part in the competition, the competition are free for all. Thank you Kevin. If you liked RACE07, i'm sure you gonna like it.
  4. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Good job, Geoffrey! Is it you or your Dad driving? Personally I don't like the constant hitting of the "look back" button to see where the ghost is, but that's just a matter of taste.
    I agree with Kevin that it would be good to see some more trackside camera shots, and the fade-out at the end would be good too, it does end too abruptly. :) Good music, do you need to worry about copyright issues? Or is that Youtube replacement audio? If you want to add some effects, I would recommend Sony Vegas if you can get it. Check out Andreas Löffler's channel to see lots of creative ideas with cameras and effects.
    Anyway, I subscribed to your channel (I'm JackFeelsNerves) :D
  5. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    It's me but i thought we had to be over 18 years old... Yes i look everytime at back sorry, as i said i recorded it while playing and not after as i didn't know how to check the replay it's not like race07 or GSC. We have to press R...
    Music is: Sharon Doorson - Run Run
    About vid' editing, i'm not skilled, i don't know how to use Sony Vegas Pro but i know it's the best software to make vid'. Andreas is more talented than me. But thank you mate for the comment, i will try to do better next time and it will be higher quality not 30fps while playing ;)

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