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Discussion in 'Game Stock Car Extreme' started by Ricky Davies, Jan 20, 2015.

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    Thanks for the share Ricky. What a good read up and its nice to get in the heads of the devs of the world.

    I was reading in the comments area and found this.
    "Hi guys, Renato there. Thank you for your feedback. This is something I commented on bsimracing just now, which might be relevant here on the subject of game engines - I indeed dont think ISI considers rF2 ready for licensing yet, and in any case we would rather continue working on developing our own tangent to rF1 (which is what GSCEx is - it has not been plain rF1 for some time and future updates will bring in further substantial developments).

    It´s a common misconception that the engine is "outdated" - it is old alright, but that in itself does not make it inferior to a modern engine - only the graphics engine most definetly is outdated technology, the UI and some specific elements like compatibility with modern hardware etc. The other major components of the engine however are either more advanced, or work as well (and in many cases better) as the ones in newer sims - physics, AI, multiplayer. The sound engine misses some features but it´s hardly a generation apart from the best one out there.

    In the case of physics, the engine is plenty advanced and still superior to most - only 2 or 3 of the new sims have more advanced physics or in particular tyre models (rF2 being one of them), and even in those cases it´s very debatable whether their extra complexity nets a better result. Think of 2 race cars: one is very advanced, has major downforce and horsepower figures, but it´s extremely sensitive, peaky and hard to set up - the other is simpler, has less powerful but more driveable engine, and a perfectly shaped aero map making it work in pretty much every circunstance with relative ease. The figures say one is better than the other, but the result sheet might tell a different story. The analogy applies to simulation engines - it´s about being closer to real life, which sometimes might be less achievable with more complex stuff like physical tyre models, which are not necessarily flawless and don´t offer the flexibility of a Pacejka tyre model. The proof is in the pudding :)"
    Now i would 100% go with that. For me rF1 engine is still the best out there. Yes Ac/rF2/Pcars look nicer and have some good bit added but none of them come close to what rFactor 1 and GSCE offer for me. I will play them both for years to come. It shows online as well with many leagues and events still being run on these awesome games. It also leads me to think about doing "Old School Night" using GTR2 something I will look into more.

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