Link to all-in-one package of RBR Czech tracks & plugin

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  1. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Getting started with the RBR Czech Tournament plugin can be a daunting task, but it is the best mod for RBR hands-down. Here's a package with everything you need to get started.

    1) Register with the Czech site
    2) download this file (it's huge... FYI)
    3) unrar the file to a location you can remember
    4) execute the files within that folder. Make sure you use THIS PLUGIN version, not the one on the Czech site! You need v0.88 from here, not the older one they have on the site.
  2. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    This is a .rar with the torrent I created in it as well. I don't seed 24/7- mostly at night- so be patient.

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  3. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Shall hopefully be set up to give this ago! Only just getting back in the mood to race after a nice break from it.
  4. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Here's something I just found- a triple monitor mod....

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