[Jul 6, 2013] Rfactor virtual Le mans (Le mans)

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Rfactor virtual Le mans
Le mans
Start Date: Jul 6, 2013 07:00 PM
End Date: Jul 6, 2013 10:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/Amsterdam +02:00 CEST
  1. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver


    Event cancelled

    Event Format

    Date: Saturday July 6th
    Practice: server open whole day
    Qualifying: 18:30 GMT (Unlimited Laps)
    Warm-Up: 18:55 GMT
    Race: 19:00 GMT 2 hours

    Server Settings

    Server Name: simracingpro.com LM
    Mod: Endurence series (HERE) lmp2 gt1
    Track: VLM le mans
    Flag Rules: Black Only
    Fuel Usage: 2x
    Tire Usage: 2x
    Mechanical Failures: time scaled
    Type of Start: Manual Formation Lap with a Rolling Start
    Damage Multipler: 100%
    Race Start Time: 03:00 PM
    Race Time Scale: to be decided yet. will simulate 24 hours
    Fixed Setups: No
    Fixed Upgrades: No
    Forced Pitstop: No

    Game Assists

    Traction Control: Disallowed
    Auto Clutch: Allowed
    Anti-Lock Braking: Disallowed
    Stability Control: Disallowed
    Auto Shifting: Disallowed
    Steering Help: Disallowed
    Braking Help: Disallowed
    Invulnerability: Disallowed
    Auto Pit Stop: Disallowed
    Opposite Lock: Disallowed
    Spin Recovery: Disallowed


    Start procedure: When the lights go out all cars will do a manual formationlap double file.
    There will be no overtaking and weaving is only alowed in the first 2 parts of the track.
    When you arrive at the last 2 chicanes everybody is expected to be in formation.

    The leader has to maintain a average speed of 120 km and is free to accelerate coming out of the final corner.
    Passing before the start/finish line is not allowed. And if you spin on your formationlap you have to join the end of the grid.

    * Because this is a day/nightrace headlights are mandatory. So assign a button for your headlights.
    * All cars are allowed to drive, if you sign up only say lmp2 or gt1.

    Rules & regulations:
    Password & ts details
  2. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    sign up list:

    lmp 2
    1 Bjorn de Haas
    3 Chris Shepherd
    4 Davy Vandevenne
    5 Andy Vandevelde

    Gt 1
    1 Jonatan acerclinth
    2 Liam Fassam
  3. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    Sign me up for an LMP2 please
  4. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    I prefer the LMP2 cars above the GT1 cars but I'm in for the GT1 cars :)

    This should be lots of fun. Will also have a look at another possible special event to come, yet to decide if it is a good thing to do :)
  5. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Name: Chris Shepherd
    Car Choice: LMP2
  6. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    GT1 seems already quite fast :confused:, will test it one time. Depends if i feel anything from the car.
  7. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    changed the track download to the vlm version. its bling bling!!!
  8. Davy Vandevenne Licensed Driver

    Sign me Up with an LMP2 car.

    I like this kind of Events. Also great mod.:)
  9. Andy Vandevelde Licensed Driver

    sign me up with an lmp2 sweeeet how they ride and fast :)
  10. Mike Bishop Licensed Driver

    Bjorn put me down for LMP2 thanks
  11. Liam Fassam Licensed Driver

    Sign me up for GT1 please
  12. Liam Fassam Licensed Driver


    I installed the mod onto a new rFactor Lite install and every time I load the game I am getting errors loading the cars in the start menu.

    Have downloaded another instance of Enduracers am still getting the error.

    Any ideas????

    Do not want to miss this, as it looks very interesting.
  13. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    If you have a previous version installed delete it.
    Best thing to do is make a fresh install of rfactor and then install the mod.

    I had the same with another half version of this mod. if you make a clean install of rfactor and the mod it will be ok mate:)
  14. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    Sign me out, sorry guys. Still struggling with this mod. :(
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  15. Mike Bishop Licensed Driver

    Sorry guys will have to sign out.:(
  16. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    server will be up from today guys
  17. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    guys the event will be cancelled. There are to little sign ups to make a decent grid. For these races you need 20 cars +
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