[Jul 4, 2013] GT2 @ 24 hours of Bahrain (Bahrain International Circuit)

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GT2 @ 24 hours of Bahrain
Bahrain International Circuit
Start Date: Jul 4, 2013 06:00 PM
End Date: Jul 4, 2013 08:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
  1. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    Event Format
    Practice: 1800 GMT
    Qualifying: 1900 GMT (Unlimited Laps)
    Warm-Up: 1920 GMT
    Race: 1930 GMT (62 Minutes including formation lap which will be approximately 2 minutes) (Might change, checking soon)

    Server Settings

    Server Name: simracingpro.com GT2
    IP: Coming Soon
    Mod: SRP GT2 (HERE)
    Track: Bahrain International Circuit (Included in the GT2 League download)
    Flag Rules: Black Only
    Fuel Usage: 2x
    Tire Usage: 2x
    Mechanical Failures: Normal
    Type of Start: Manual Formation Lap with a Rolling Start
    Damage Multipler: 100% (Might still change)
    Race Start Time: 08:00 PM (Might change)
    Race Time Scale: Normal
    Fixed Setups: No
    Fixed Upgrades: No
    Forced Pitstop: Yes

    Game Assists

    Traction Control: Allowed - up to Low
    Auto Clutch: Allowed
    Anti-Lock Braking: Disallowed
    Stability Control: Disallowed
    Auto Shifting: Disallowed
    Steering Help: Disallowed
    Braking Help: Disallowed
    Invulnerability: Disallowed
    Auto Pit Stop: Disallowed
    Opposite Lock: Disallowed
    Spin Recovery: Disallowed

    Other Notes

    - Turn 1, 2-3 and 6 is the main funnel points of the first lap so make sure to be careful there on the first lap.
    - For specifics on the Formation Lap procedure can be found in Post #2.
    - There will be a forced pitstop so you should be aware of this and practice pitstops so that you know what to expect when the event begins.
    - Note that this is a Night event. It will be dark with limited lighting around the track. Lights will be mandatory. Make sure you test some driving at night to know what to expect.
    - You must be a licensed member to take part in this event.
    - Be very careful on the opening lap. Brake very early to avoid other cars as you will have cold brakes and cold tyres.
    - You can find the SRP Teamspeak details: (HERE)
    - SRP Racing Rules: (HERE)

    See you on track!
  2. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    Formation lap Procedure

    - Maximum Speed: 100 KPH / 60 MPH

    - Weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is allowed until you are told to grid up, but care will have to be taken. Anyone who causes a formation lap incident will be given a penalty.
    - If you spin out during the formation lap, you are to grid up at the back of the pack. The open spot will not be filled by the driver behind.

    - The Safety Car will either start on the front row or at the back, depending on which side of the road is more profitable for the pole position driver. The specifics of where the Safety Car will start will be given in the Event thread.
    - The Safety Car goes first, no other driver is allowed to move before the Safety Car is at the front of the grid and has got going.

    - After T11 the Admin will tell everyone to start forming up and keep the speed at the Pit Limiter Speed. This speed will ?MPH / ?KPH.

    - After T13 the safety car (if we have one, depends on if both me and Bradley Vanian is available for the event) the safety car will pull away from the field and head to the end of the pits.

    - If you would need to catch up to the driver ahead after you've grid up, you should do so by releasing your Pit Limiter and speed up carefully and then also slow down carefully, in essence no hard acceleration nor hard braking while doing this as it can and probably will, cause a chain reaction and hurt many drivers cars.- You will need to stay within 1 car leangth to the driver ahead but the most important thing is that you are alongside your gridpartner. If you are in formation while your partner is a bit further behind, you are not to slow down to let him catch up to you as this will also cause a chain reaction.

    - The start of the race will not be when the timer hits 60 minutes, but when the Admin signals with a "Green, Green, Green" in the text message. This message will come around the same time as the leaders cross the start-finish line.
    - If a Go-Around is needed, due to drivers being to far behind the rest of the pack, a message of "Go Around, Go Around" will be given in the text chat at which time everyone will stay at the pit-limiter until the Safety Car is in position at the head of the pack and the formation procedure will be re-done.

    For extra clarification, pictures will be posted before Sunday the week before this event and below is a track map that also shows the track with corner numbers and corner names.
  3. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    Entry List:

    To join this event, post a comment below with an intention to race.

    1. Jonatan Åcerclinth


  4. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    In please, Jonatan. :)

    If you want a starting point for a car setup, read THIS POST from the Sebring thread. ;)
  5. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    God damn, I got the wrong idea when I saw the title, thought it was literally gonna be a 24 hour race. But yeah, sign me up. :)
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  6. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Just checked the download for the mod/tracks...Speedy share being really co-operative again:

    This file can only be downloaded with SpeedyShare Premium. Get Premium Now!

    :rolleyes:I'll upload my copy and post a link later.

    EDIT: Alternative d/l link: SRP_GT_Complete.rar
  7. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    Thank you Rob, will get it sorted later tonight, need to eat first :oops:
  8. April Dillon Licensed Driver

    Sorry guys, sign me out. Just can't get comfortable in these cars. :(
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  9. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    Would you be angry if we move this event Rob?

    As there is only you and me signed up at the moment :confused:

    (Won't see this before about 45-50 minutes from now)
  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No problem, we do need more sign-ups to make it worthwhile. I'd like to keep next week's event where it is though, as I'll be away for two weeks after that.
  11. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    Of course we'll keep Potrero as it is :)

    I'll move this event 2 weeks forward then or maybe try to swap the GT events around after next week so F1s is on Thursdays and GT's on Sundays to see if people show up then instead, we'll see.
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to next week! As for the races after that, the next Thursday I'm free is 18th July. [IMG]
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  13. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I made a little hotlap vid to show what we're missing out on:

    It took me quite a long time to get to that level of performance; keeping that rear end under control is not easy, but it's very rewarding...eventually! :D
    I've attached the setup I used for that lap.

    Attached Files:

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  14. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Now that you've re-scheduled this race Jonatan, you need to remove me from the entry list, because I'm in Portugal right now! Back on 14th July. ;)
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