[Jul 19, 2014] PMSC S2 Meet & Greet Season Opening (Monaco GP)

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PMSC S2 Meet & Greet Season Opening
Monaco GP
Start Date: Jul 19, 2014 09:00 PM
End Date: Jul 19, 2014 11:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/Amsterdam +02:00 CEST
  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Welcome to porsche Mobil SuperCup season 2. This season will ceremonial opened in the principality of Monaco. For this the F1 circuit will reopened for this year.
    In first this event is directed to the entries of PMSC season 2 to meet in TS and on track before 1st round in Istanbul, but depending on sign up's for this event SRP licensed drivers have the chance to join as well.
    supercup_logo_neu sm.jpg

    About the MOD and recommended settings: click here

    1. Monaco 2013 (MON) 19.07. - 2 sprint races, 25-30mins each [16 laps]
    Server name: simracingpro.COM PMSC server online

    Training 1: 15 min [21:05 CET = 19:05 GMT]
    Training 2: 10 min (Top 10 from training 1 allowed to take part) [21:20 CET = 19:20 GMT]
    Qualifying: 5 min (Top 5 from training 2 allowed to take part) [21:30 CET = 19:30 GMT]
    Warm Up: 5 min [21:35 CET = 19:35 GMT]
    Race 1 – standing start: 25min [21:45 CET = 19:45 GMT]
    NO pitstop required ↑
    Race 2* – standing start: 25min (with P1-P10 in reversed order) [about 22:20 CET = 20:20 GMT]
    *ONE pit stop is mandatory with at least two wheels changed. ↑

    Server password: Passwords
    Racing rules: Rules & regulations


    PLEASE NOTE: We have an updated .gdb file so that we can run the required 3-part qualifying. The link above points to the original track, but you need this updated file to join the server:


    copy the file to ...rFactor\GameData\Locations\Monte_Carlo\Monte_Carlo_RFE
  2. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Entry list:
    1. Andreas Löffler #1
    2. Wayne Reed #69
    3. Ghovand Keanie #14 (maybe)
    4. Chris Shepherd #21
    5. Rob Hermans #7 (if the paint is dry)
    6. Roy Magnes #71 (maybe)
    7. Marius Nicolae #28
    8. Danny Schubert #83
    9. Andreas Schmich #73
    10. Nico Nägele #93
    11. Tomasz Biernat #13
    12. Adam Mocarski #15
    13. Mike Bell #26 (maybe)
    14. Nikodem Wisniewski #23
    15. Marcel Grudzinski #4
    16. Gary Lennon #2
    17. Armin Binder #63
    18. Kuba Brzezinski #48
    19. Kevin Ledoux #8
    20. Fabian Walter #39
    21. Mateusz Bogusz #38
    22. Konrad Bar #29
  3. Wayne Reed SRP League Organiser

    Add me in please boss
  4. Ghovand Keanie Licensed Driver

    Add me (its a maybe though)
  5. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

  6. Joshua Anderson Licensed Driver

    Should more than likely be there ;)
  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    If the paint is dry on the new livery, I'll be there! :)

    NOTE: added download link for custom .gdb file in the top post.
    Practice server will be available later in the week, probably not till Saturday.
  8. Roy Magnes Licensed Driver

    I will do my best to join this race, but I cannot guarantee that I am home and available.
    (That means a maybe for me)
  9. Marius Nicolae Licensed Driver

  10. Danny Schubert Licensed Driver

    add me please ;)
  11. Andreas Schmich Licensed Driver

  12. Niko Nägele Licensed Driver

    Add me please : )
  13. Tomasz Biernat Licensed Driver

    Add me please ;)
  14. Adam Mocarski Licensed Driver

  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    lol, I get this when I click on the link you posted, Adam:


    D'oh! :D Here's one which works: www.timeanddate.com

    The time difference between European time and GMT varies between summer and winter; right now, the difference is +2h, because Europe is in Daylight Saving Time. So in fact, the mistake is not the time difference, but that it should read "CEST"...until 26th October...in most European countries! :confused:

    Time zones are a pain in the a$$, and should be abolished.
  16. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    It's not very often that Monaco gets used for a simrace. I'm surprised that some old names haven't appeared out of the woodwork for this one......

    Going to install track, see if this one works! ^ :rolleyes:

    EDIT: 90 seconds later.... The track works fine. o_O
  17. Vinicius Correa Lima Licensed Driver

    Its shame, because our whole Team of GRT Motorsports will compete at a 24h Race on Daytona by P1-Gaming at the same weekend. But were looking forward to be there at the first Event on Istanbul :) .

    So see you there on Track :)
  18. Mike Bell Licensed Driver

    Sign me up please :)
  19. Nikodem Wisniewski Licensed Driver

    I hope I will be avaliable ;)
    All aids will be off? I can't find information about that :)
  20. Marcel Grudziński Licensed Driver

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