[Jan 26th, 2014] SRP PMSC S1 - Final Round (Bathurst)

Discussion in 'PMSC Season 1 (finished)' started by Andreas Löffler, Sep 8, 2013.

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  1. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Server name: simracingpro.COM PMSC server ONLINE

    Class: Porsche Mobil1 SuperCup for GTR Evolution (Race07)

    Track: Mt. Panorama [AUS]

    Training 1: 30 min [20:00 CET = 19:00 GMT]
    Training 2: 10 min (Top 10 from training 1 allowed to take part) [20:30 CET = 19:30 GMT]
    Qualifying: 5 min (Top 5 from training 2 allowed to take part) [20:40 CET = 19:40 GMT]
    Warm Up: 5 min [20:45 CET = 19:45 GMT]

    Race 1 – standing start: distance around 90-100 km [20:50 CET = 19:50 GMT]
    NO pitstop required ↑

    Race 2* – standing start: distance around 9o-100 km (with P1-P8 in reversed order) [about 21:30 CET = 20:30 GMT]
    *ONE pit stop is mandatory with at least two wheels changed. ↑

    Server password: Passwords

    Racing rules: Rules & regulations

    Make sure you download and install the current skin pack:

    Extract the files to your RACE07 folder.
    If you don't install the skins, you will see Lacettis instead of Porsches,
    and/or the game may boot you from the server.

    NB: The server will be shut down a few minutes before the event starts so that we can restart it with the event settings.
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Entry list:
    1. #43 Miguel Neto
    2. #21 Andreas Löffler
    3. #74 Jakob de Boer
    4. #27 David Grönvalls
    5. #75 Hugo Hekkenberg
    6. #22 Tobias Tannreuther
    7. #71 Martijn van Bommel
    8. #20 Domingos Vaz
    9. #61 Rob Hermans
    10. #70 Martin Kraaijenbrink
    11. #88 Roger Prikken
    12. #33 Andy Moore
    13. #99 Luis Ace
    14. #44 Hugo Barbosa
    15. #48 Phillip Sprangers
    16. #30 Joao Borges
    17. #40 Marco Sbordoni
    18. #14 Fernando Silva
    19. #25 Peter Beres
    20. #16 Dariusz Wielgosz (Guest driver)
    #77 Tony Matthews (reported absence)
  3. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I've Been waiting for the entry/drivers list to be added so I can see if there is space to sign-up. Left with 1 day's practice, if im aloud to participate ? I would like to get some laps in for this one, rather than turn up on the day and smash a few hours in before the race. Can you confirm if I'm aloud to race please Andreas. If so, I will be jumping in the server in the morning, after the nights work! :(
  4. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Sorry all, I forgot all about adding the entry list :oops: I will put is up soon, and you'll be on it, Chris. There's certainly a space, and I have no problem with you racing. Of couse, it's not up to me! :)
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  5. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Maybe please and a confirmation sunday for sure.
  6. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    Put me in as guest driver please. Chris challenged me hahaha
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  7. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Very important:

    In last minute Porsche send us a new gearbox for this final round ;). Sin is to not reach the limiter in the final gear down the hill on Mt. Panorama track. To put the longer gearbox in your Porsche follow the below steps. Thanks a lot to Marcus Dillon for his help :).

    1. Download the 997gt3RSR Ratios.grb file from here:


    2. Put the file in the following folder on your hard disk:

    C:\Programme\Steam\SteamApps\common\race 07\GameData\Teams\Porsche Mobil 1 SuperCup

    3. Open your car setup file which should saved in the track folder under documents with editor (picture):

    C:\Dokumente\SimBin\RACE 07\UserData\CarSetups\Bathurst2006

    final drive.jpg

    4. Search for FinalDriveSetting and set it to recommend 3:


    5. Load your setup in the game. You should now not reach the limiter anymore in final gear.

    You can also test other settings with:

    ratio=(5, 19) // 3.800 - FinalDriveSetting=0
    ratio=(41, 151) // 3.683 - FinalDriveSetting=1
    ratio=(7, 25) // 3.571 - FinalDriveSetting=2
    ratio=(43, 149) // 3.465 - FinalDriveSetting=3
    ratio=(11, 37) // 3.364 - FinalDriveSetting=4
    ratio=(15, 49) // 3.267 - FinalDriveSetting=5
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  8. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    If you wanna drive as guest driver this event, please read all the rules for this championship:



    and sign up in the described form from here:


    The skinpack and how to install you can fnd in the toppost.
  9. Miguel Neto Licensed Driver

    how many laps is the race?
  10. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    both runs = 18 laps
  11. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    info: changed recommend FinalDriveSetting from 2 to 3 at post 7:

  12. Tobias Tannreuther Licensed Driver

    a little video for the last fight of the season: :)

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  13. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser

    Really amazing, thx a lot for this art work, very nice video :).
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  14. Andreas Löffler SRP League Organiser


    - for last round, try to be careful at start, change line only if there is free room and only one time till first corner-

    -pit entry and pit out: respect the yellow posts at entry and exit of pits to avoid incidents. Look for this also below pictures.

    pit in.jpg

    pit out.jpg

    Good Luck everybody for this final round of the championship :).
  15. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    Shouldn't have signed up. My driving style completely doesn't suit these cars. Sorry Martin for ruining your Race 2 mate.....

    See you later.
  16. Tobias Tannreuther Licensed Driver

    From my point of view:
    Mistakes can happen... but i was happy to have you there, to fill the grid (although if you would crashed into me, this opinion would not have changed^^ (easy to say, not being in the incident :p))
  17. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    Hey dariusz,
    Was already bit affraid reading about "a challenge" with Chris. But he didnt show up.:eek: :)
    I saw you trying avoiding it, so never mind. Thx for your message.
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  18. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Yes sorry Martin and all. Was another case of loving the warmth of my bed too much, comforted with cuddles from the little one! :) I've just arrived at work now. :( I did 20 laps this morning so I was warmish for the couple of hours I planned to drive for before the event. :(

    Hope you had a nice end to the season and I am looking forward to the end of season Vid Andreas! ;)

    See you next season! (When I actually Qualify for Division 1. :oops:)
  19. Marco Sbordoni Licensed Driver

    I'm sorry for leave server but connection lost :-(
  20. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

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