iRacing onboard ( NASCAR Truck Series Week 1 )

Discussion in 'Other Driving Simulations' started by Ricky Davies, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Ricky Davies Licensed Driver

    Well iRacing has sucked me back in after i quit mainly because the girlfriend bought me a years sub but didn't realise i quit, so i started again. I thought i'd do some oval for a change and found i really needed the gloves after 20 laps and this was a 40 lap race. I'd be surprised if anyone watched the hole video it might get a little boring, so i provided some stamps ;)

    (@Rob the logo is there free advertising :p

    1:10 - Yellow Flag Spin
    1:50 -Green Flag
    4:15 - Getting loose
    6:35 - Yellow Flag Spin
    7:05 - Green Flag
    15:15 - Yellow Flag Spin
    15:50 - Green Flag ( 2 laps to go ) + crash
  2. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    That looks impressive, but I just cannot get this out of my head....

    Fast forward to 23 seconds

    I have to giggle
  3. Ricky Davies Licensed Driver

    If only it was that easy ;) lol
  4. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    Oh I know, I never doubt it for a second, that just makes me laugh from the moment I saw it. Like the sketch from another one of his Characters, Bubba J

    Forward to 40 seconds, and this will make you laugh

  5. Ricky Davies Licensed Driver

    haha yea when i think of NASCAR i think of hill billies drinking beer :p
  6. Shaun Clarke Licensed Driver

    That's what I mean Ricky...On a Sunday ( family man here LOL) I do the ironing, but that gets me full control of the TV with soundbar in the front room, so I will tune in to Motors TV, or where ever there is motor racing, makes the ironing feel less like a mission, and I have watched Nascar and other American events, and they do get so excited about a left turn, considering how many they make.

    If you ever go to America, I have been, the Left Turn takes priority over traffic at a what they call a turn pike, we call it a junction
  7. Ricky Davies Licensed Driver

    off to New York in April haha :p i watch NASCAR on motortv i do find it exciting sometimes, you really need to work with other drivers to draft to the front and then once you make it to the front your not longer friends haha.

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