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  1. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    I have read this from another source:

    Today Reiza released 16 new screenshots on their Facebook page, revealing that Game Stock Car and the recently Formula Truck game will receive a graphical update and some other significant improvements.
    Included in the upcoming update are:
    • New tracks
    • Historic track
    • Improved art & shaders
    • New historic car(s)
    Reiza are quoted saying: ”These developments and even more will also find its way into a new GSC-the format of this new package however is not yet set. We can say that there will be a free upgrade for the GSC. We have some exciting news. Among them a * great * historic track, to follow some very interesting historic cars …”
    Reiza Studios has been doing a great job keeping their games updated since they we’re first formed in 2010, and officially releasing their first PC title globally in 2011 known as “Game Stock Car” which has had a couple of free DLC since.

    Not sure when the release will happen but I will keep and eye for more info :)
  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Welcoming news but makes you wonder what they was thinking releasing trucks seperate, or as cheap add ons. Confused yes.

    Looking forward to see what the historics will be, brazil series? Or others can only seeit being a one class historic car but still :)
  3. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    TBH, I am hoping that this includes the Ayton Senna game they have been working on :)
    But time will tell.

    And I agree, they made a huge mistake on not adding the trucks to GSC, but they did have some licensing issues.
  4. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    I cant see it being that since we have the classics of sennas era, surely not?
  5. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    ermm. sorry to bring some bad news, but I have just come across this article from Reiza :(

    "Though we cannot confirm a date just yet, base all these improvements will be made into the 2013 season release is Formula Truck, which will also include some extra tracks. Like GSC2012 last year, this will be free to all owners of the original Formula Truck.
    These developments and more will likely also find their way into the new GSC-though we have not yet defined the format of this new package yet. We can advance that this won’t be a free update to current GSC."

    So we have to buy for the upgrade :( But does this mean that you will need Formula Trucks for the upgrade, or have I mis-read this article.
    I can understand that upgrades takes time to remodel, but I do hope that it is not an expensive upgrade, or I feel they will loose out....
  6. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    this is from Reiza Studios FB
    We are working hard to improve our Tupi project, which englobes both Game Stock Car, Formula Truck plus other related content. Work is being done on every dev front to push the envelope and improve the whole experience to a new level.

    Though we cannot confirm a date just yet, all these base improvements will be made into a 2013 season release for Formula Truck, which will also include some extra tracks. Like GSC2012 last year, this will be free to all owners of the original Formula Truck.

    These developments and more will likely also find their way into a new GSC - though we have not yet defined the format of this new package yet. We can advance that this won´t be a free update to current GSC.

    We have a lot of new exciting content coming up. This includes a very *big* historical track, to go along some very interesting historical cars...

    We have some smaller things included in this package as well, though not any less exciting

    We are very much looking foward to share more on the new stuff soon, and while the focus for these 2013 releases are still very much grounded on the brazilian racing scene, we have no doubts that every simracer will be able to find something to be thrilled with them.

    Hope this explains alittle more :)
  7. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Haha Cash cow springs to mind, i must say i really despise there sale strategy and prices.
  8. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    I understood it as a free update for Formula Trucks, as well as a new paid package for GSC 2012.

    It simply can't be everything for free, as they have to get something out of their work somehow.
    And also I'm pretty sure that the licences did not come for free either :D

    Sales totals are naturally limited by using an older game engine and focusing on local brazilian series and the prize of the game is just something around 25$. Some of the bigger updates have to cost something in my opinion.
  9. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    That isnt what i was refferring to Dino, the qoute to me clearly points to a gsc (2013/14) which will be a new package, the new free updates to trucks with senna is classics to me which can be found in gsc2012 maybe with slightly different physics and more rights to open rf engine up more seems rf2 wont be too long and i dont think this new package will be rf2 engine leading me to to expect a fair price on this new package as i presume it will have alot of content you may already have with trucks and gsc series.

    I agree they should of course charge for the trucks or any other separate sims but the price as to be right and for the trucks so far imo they are well out, and they did the same with gsc2012 by giving us free content and i think that is great but more so for selling the product.
  10. Zaphod Christiani Licensed Driver

    it has to do with the ISI engine they have licenced and there is a maximum limit of cars Reiza can implement.
    as a beta tester i know all the hard work they put into these sim's, that the little money they will ask is just fair for a small talented group of hard working people!
  11. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    I dont argue the quality of there Sims, but i dont and wont agee so far with there pricing structures when, gsc was first released ISI wanted 19.99 for rf1 yet reiza was around 25. I didntt see that as a fair or small asking price.
  12. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    I totally agree with this 1, If they had only asked around the same price as ISI then it would be a fair price, as the content is only a few extra tracks and cars. Even though now Reiza is only asking £13:10 for GSC 2012 which has more content than Formula Trucks yet they are asking £16:00 ok you get the roughly the same amount to tracks but u only get the trucks. Yes they are doing added content to the trucks. but that still does not justify to the pricing.

    I really hope that Reiza do actually stick to the same price for GSC 12 or maybe up2 £15 max.
  13. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    update about Ayton Senna the game from their FB page

    We have been getting a lot of requests for a development update on the Ayrton Senna project. It´s been quite a while since our announcement of the license so we figure it´s time for some news.

    What we can say is that we are still developing the game. This is a very ambitious project, which has grown even bigger in scope relative to our original plans. This in turn implicates big challenges from development and licensing perspectives, which as a consequence reflects on the budget required - we are working hard and making slow but steady progress on all these fronts.

    This might be a little vague but it´s the best we can offer at this moment. We hope that towards the end of the year we´ll have some more specific news to share.

    With this said we do have further interesting news in store for 2013, which we´ll talk about in the next post.

    So after reading this then it will not be added to GSC13, as A Breedon mentioned earlier we have the Classics
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  14. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    Also a new screenshot of a new track

    2014 World Cup on the horizon of Brasilia (Estádio Mané Garrincha)

    World Cup 2014 Brasilia is on the horizon
    431914_10151685784567743_1186306246_n.jpg Does look good, but from this pic is does not look like RF2 engine, as it stands, But again time will tell
  15. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    I have just found another bit of news, need to investigate this even more when I find the full info.

    The Formula Truck update will be free a la Game Stock Car 2012.
    Now this sounds really weird if that is the case.

    More news to follow!!!!
  16. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    rf2 engine is constantly beeing worked on and isn't by far finished. It took the guys from Reiza years to understand everything about gm2. How should they work with the rf2 engine suddenly :)
    Also the physics guy from Reiza wrote a while ago that he can't/or won't work with the rf2 engine atm as he's not getting the desired results from it at this time.

    Also not sure about what sounds wierd about an Formula Truck update

    And also not agree about the pricing argument. You could also compare everything with iRacing and do leaps of joy every day :D
    Even with the same game engines between all those gm2 games, the results are quite different, so are the amount of licences needed and the time put into the content and the quality of all that.

    Sorry for beeing a bit argumentative here, I don't want to sound too negative :)
    It's just strange to discuss about those game prices that would equal something like 2 cars and 1 track in R3E :D
    Now I'm comparing too :p
  17. Andy Reed Licensed Driver

    Don't worry Dino, Every one has their own opinions, so I don't take others nor your comment as an argument :) .
    But with regards to the Formula Trucks, is they said they wasn't going to do that due to the licensing issues.
    So if that is the case why put them into GSC 12? plus make a Formula Truck game? Seems pointless, ok you can Argue that Simbin did the same with Race injection, but they did that after the expansions was done, as they knew no more would come out for R07.
  18. Dino Paolini Licensed Driver

    I think you misunderstood the sentence "The Formula Truck update will be free a la Game Stock Car 2012"

    This doesn't mean that it is gonna be put into GSC 2012; it means that Formula Truck will get a free update with I suppose an update to the trucks to the current season ect., just like GSC 2012 was an free update to the original GSC :)
  19. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

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