Game Stock Car Extreme – Version 1.27 Released

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    Reiza Studios have released a new update for their Game Stock Car Extreme title, adding new content and plenty of new improvements!

    Among the changes listed below, the free 1.27 update introduces the 4-stroke GX390 amateur racing spec kart as well as the three-layout Londrina kart track to go along with it.


    Updated terrain shaders & textures for Spielberg, Spielberg Historic & Interlagos Historic (other tracks to receive the same treatment in following updates)
    Several sound updates & fine tuning
    Several physics updates & fine tuning
    Various AI fixes & improvements
    Further optimization (F-Retro, F-Vee & trackside TV cameras specially)
    Fixed bug with F-Retro shadows becoming corrupted and crippling performance
    Upgraded Metalmoro MR18 windshield resolution in all cars
    Fixed alpha in road lines sorting with 3D grass blades in various tracks
    Improved scaling of mirrors in all cars (further mapping corrections still to be done)
    Reduced default cockpit FOV from 55 to 50 degrees in all cars
    Having completed their recent switch to Steam, Game Stock Car Extreme is now available for 27,99€ on Valves platform.

    Existing owners of the pre-Steam version can get a Steam key here, while switching is not required it is recommended by Reiza as new installs will require a Steam key. Existing owners continue to receive updates for their game via GSC Sync.
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