DTM & WTCC Experience Any news?

Discussion in 'Other Driving Simulations' started by Geoffrey Fournier, May 30, 2014.

  1. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Am I the only one who is waiting for DTM Experience Multiplayer and to the release of the WTCC 2013 pack in RaceRoom Experience? Here is a vid' of Tarquini's honda with a lap on Salzburgring track. It looks very good. What do ya think?
    We don't have so much informations yet about the release of WTCC. But DTM Multiplayer is currently in beta and they will improove some details in 2-3 weaks. The DTM Experience 2013 is on steam for 35euros if i'm right. Has anyone this game?I'm looking for some feedbacks.
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  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    No Geoffrey, you're not the only one waiting, I'm sure.
    We've had the discussion about R3E elsewhere already; most of us are not willing to pay for the content in a so-called "free-to-play" game. The same goes for the DTM game; I personally don't like the business model which Simbin now use. I would much rather pay one fee at the beginning (or even a regular subscription), and then rely on the developer and the modding community to supply the content for free.
    The video looks nice, but nice-looking graphics don't make it a good game...yes, we need some feedback about how it drives.
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  3. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Yes of course but from what i understand, with DTM Experience 2013 (on steam), we pay 35euros, and then WTCC, multiplayer & DTM 2014 will be added automatically. No? Am i wrong?
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  4. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I don't know. Not interested in buying the games, so I haven't researched it. :oops: I'll check.
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    It's easy to find info on the DTM dlc, but a quick search for "rrre wtcc 2013" doesn't yield much info...except that there's a WTCC2013 mod for RACE07.
    Can you supply any links, GF?
  6. Warren Schembri Licensed Driver

    From what I understand is the following:

    WTCC will be its own package meaning if you want it, you will need to buy it seperately. In a way, it will be its own game that just happens to run on the R3E platform. There is also going to be a ADAC GT package which will also be its own packaging and require its own purchase.
    If you got DTM2013 before a certain date, you will get DTM2014 free. DTM2014 will come with MP. DTM2013 will not come with MP.

    Not sure if you can still buy DTM2013. If you havent yet, its probably not worth the hassle.

    I have no problem paying for DLC but the way its being promoted is that you are more buying different games rather than additional content.
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  7. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Ok, a bit like having to buy a new version of Game Stock Car every year. :/ Not a fan of that either.
  8. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Well, Simbin didnt gave many infos about WTCC. We just have a vid from Honda in Saleburgring( that i posted in 1st post) and an article on Race Department with a vid' on Zandwoort. But oh my good ? We will have to pay again for WTCC ? I thought with DTM Experience, WTCC will be for free. WTCC Will be in end 2014-early 2015 looks like -_- So long so long like Asseto corsa... For me, pay pay & pay is a problem because i'm still young and havent credit card. So i have everytime to ask my dad the card. (maybe i should hack master card of foucart? isn't it good idea?)
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  9. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Nah, if a developer feels they can charge money and still make a profit, they will never give anything away!
  10. Steve Bean Licensed Driver

    simbin messed up was a big fan i am not now end of and doubt ill be buying any titles from them again
  11. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    You guys need to remember FIA licence or DTM or any popular series costs a lot of money and because simracing games is a niche it's difficult to make that money back by selling your game at a regular price nevermind making a profit. I'm waiting for this game and if it's good I'll be definitely buying because I love touring cars.
  12. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Yes that's the same for me Dariusz. I don't like the GT cars so much, like those in Asseto Corsa. Just want to notice than since a couple of months, thanks to Race Room racing experience, you can test the mods for free with the competition (before we had to buy the mod to participate in the competition). I tested the ADAC GT Masters, DTM 2013 on noriscing and it looks very good for my part as a big fan of simbin. With those competitions, you can win ticket to DTM or GT grand prix or also win "VRP" points which is a virtual raceroom money which enable us to buy mods & cars. Let's wait... now :)
  13. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    Yeah I tried those ADAC GT (basically GTR 3) cars and they feel really really good. That would be a great class to race with when Multiplayer comes out. Those's GT's, DTM 2014 and WTCC it would cost about 50-60 euros but it would be a great game imo with good multiplayer off course. I'm fairly optimistic about this.
  14. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Yes, and with real licences. DTM & GT are going to be released soon i think. About the WTCC as i said, we will have to wait a bit more i think but knowing Simbin, i'm sure, they will release it when it will be perfect. Look the price of 35 euros for DTM only, yes i think you're right it will probably be about 50-60euros but i don't care to put as much money for this if i like it. I'm looking to some competitions raceroom on those WTCC and on WTCC tracks (like Salzburgring which is in preparation for example).
  15. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    You DO make a valid point about how much you like it, Geoffrey. If it represents good value for money TO YOU, then it doesn't matter what anyone says, because it's money well spent! That's why I think the way rFactor2 is marketed is so much better:

    Firstly, there's a free demo which is the full game with 1 car and 1 track (Honda Civic & Silverstone International)

    Then there are two different purchase options:

    1) Standard = USD43.99 (GBP26.17 / EUR32.24) includes 12 months free online, then costs USD12 per year.
    There is a 7-day money back option, so you can even buy the full version and try ALL the content, but get your money back if you want something else.

    2) Lifetime = USD84.99 (GBP50.56 / EUR62.28)

    ALL content released by the developer is free. There are lots of free mods and tracks from third parties, and also some which are "payware". IMO, Simbin's business model can never compete with that, especially because rF2 is WAY better! "Horses for courses", as the Brits say. :D
  16. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    Sorry to bump this topic, but for all the fans of touring cars like me (Shephie? ^^?) the WTCC 2013 Pack is very close. it's gonna be released in some hours i think as there is a long update actually. The game will contains all the 2013 cars and 3 tracks. Here is a vid':
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  17. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Looks nice mate, still not going to buy :)
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  18. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Looks tempting...about as tempting as re-installing RACE07 again :/
    From what I understand, AC will be charging for content as well when it's released from beta. I will definitely not be having TWO games (both on Steam) which require paying for DLC every time I load them up.
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  19. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    I'll buy it GF. ;)

    Let me know when its released and when I have time we can test it together if you like.
  20. Geoffrey Fournier Licensed Driver

    It's released about 1h ago but still some problems to log on. Firstly, you need to have R3E and then buy WTCC13 Pack which is inside R3E.
    It's about 1050-1200 VirtualRacing Points (which is equal to 12euros). About the mod online with the mod, i don't know if it's working now, but in the end of the week i hope all will work perfect. I'm just downloading again the R3E and will buy the game as soon as possible. Time to call back all the Touring cars fans !

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