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  1. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Here you will find all the information on how to make a report.

    Sometimes during the league, management may have to investigate a severe or repetitive violation(s) of SRP/DTM League rules, leading to an extended SRP management investigation. The rules pertaining to penalties (which you have read when you applied for your license) clearly state what to expect regarding penalties. Most are automatic but many incidents may require further investigation. We reserve the right to apply any kind of penalty or higher point reductions if a case deems necessary.

    Helping directors enforce driver discipline is down to you, the drivers.

    Video evidence/timestamps made available within 5 days of an incident may be used for grounds of an investigation. Any reports after 5 days may not be investigated. However, be aware that I make my race reports via replays; if I see any violations, I shall investigate them.

    Standard SRP Racing License rules apply to all of the above, found Here & Here.

    How to report an incident: Send myself a PM/Conversation within 5 days (no later) with the following information:

    Offending driver:
    Time stamp of the incident:
    A brief description of the incident:
    If any, please provide the SRP/DTM S2 specific rule violated:

    Any incidents submitted may not always be given a penalty; racing incidents happen.
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