DTM S2 (19/01/14) Round 8 - Watkins Glen

Discussion in 'DTM Season 2 (finished)' started by Andy Breedon, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Season Format

    Race day: Sunday 19th January

    Practice Server - "simracingpro.com DTM P"
    Race Server - "simracingpro.com DTM R"
    • Each round contains practice sessions which we will use as if qualifying in stages, warm-up and mixed race formats.
    Practice Server
    Practice 2: Server will be open after the end each round. (Practice Server is shut down 5 mins before Q1)

    Race Server
    Practice 1: 19:55pm GMT - 5 mins (this is used to give all drivers time to enter the server)
    Qualifying 1: 20:00pm GMT - 15 mins (Open, practice 2 session)
    Qualifying 2: 20:15pm GMT - 5 mins (Top 3 Superpole)
    Warm up: 20:20pm GMT - 5 mins
    Race/s: 20:25pm GMT - 1 x 36 Laps (60 Mins approx)
    • All rounds will run approximately 1 hour & 30 mins.
    Race Start

    Mandatory Pitstop, at least 2 tyres. (Except rounds 3 & 6 there is no pitstops required).


    Important Information
    If your name is on the entry list you are expected to turn up for the event.
    If you don't, you will be reported as absent. (Absence reports shall be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.)

    Reserves can sign up by posting a message in this thread using the form below. You must stay in your chosen car throughout all races and read all the rules below before signing up.
    • SRP Rules & Regulations can be found Here.
    • DTM S2 Specific Rules & Regulations can be found Here.
  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Welcome to Watkins Glen!
    To score any points you must complete 75% of this race, laps for each round will differ.
    Laps to be completed to score
    27 laps


    Car: Mercedes
    1.Kevin Vaassen
    2.Norman Bruce
    3.Luis Ace
    4.Loz Reid
    5.Pedro Ferreirinha
    6.Jonas Orfelt
    7.Chris Shepherd
    8.Carlos Borges
    9.Tony Matthews

    Car: Audi
    10.Geoffrey Fournier
    11.Andy Breedon
    12.Gaetano Bellanca
    13.Robert Wiesenmüller
    14.Bjorn de Haas
    15.Patrick Wuyts
    16.Dariusz Wielgosz
    17.David Slee
    18.Aaron Channer

    Car: BMW
    19.Kyle Kaiser
    20.Roger Prikken
    21.Andy Moore
    23.Andy Vandevelde
    24.Davy Vandevenne
    25.Jonatan Åcerclinth

    Reserve Drivers
    Marius Neverauskas

    Tobias Olsson (removed from the league)
    Chris Dark (removed from the league)
  3. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    lol @ the pic. Coornt puts himself on pole. :D
    Who's driving my car to be starting in 10th too? :eek:
    There's no way I'd be that high up the grid. :D
  4. Aaron Channer Licensed Driver

    Ignore the psychological advantage he's trying to gain, Chris. :D I know his game.
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  5. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Pmsl, no game at all, just how its gonna be haha :)

    I need some advantage here it seems lol
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  6. Davy Vandevenne Licensed Driver

    Damn, game freezed again after changing to warmup :mad: like last time.
    Well, this will be an Uninstall forever!

    Thanks Andy for the organization this series. Congrats to all the competitors and of course the champion Chris. Well Done!
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  7. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    Coming out of the corners my brake pedal was spiking so i lost all momentum in the car a few times each lap so decided to quit.
    Thanks Andy for hosting this:)
  8. Luis Ace Licensed Driver

    Sorry for the hit Andy and Dave. Got a glitch and the monitor went black for a split second.
  9. Kevin Vaassen SRP Moderator

    I raced =D. Just heard I lagged, sorry for that, wonder though how.

    In any case, didn't qualy, barely had time today and decided to practice more instead of qualy, do the laundry while qualifying :p. Wouldn't matter much (1 position, 2 at most) and well not much to be lost.
    Great strategy that was! First turn lots of mayhem, took the inside, boom 11th :eek:. Little side by side contact with Moore, but managed to keep 11th and I was like shit I have to race. Surprised by my pace I managed to defend that spot for a couple of laps, than made a tiny mistake for a lovely synchronized spin with Moore (btw sorry if I defended any time too hard). Came out in front of Dave I think, made again a small mistake, almost saved it but with Dave on my bumper he had nowhere to go. Got at the back of the field (lapped cars were inside the pack), so I lost contact and soon noticed my top speed was even lower (apparentely got some aero damage), so I knew I would just have to hope for the best. Few DNF's put me back to 11 were I drove all the time, had some cars just out of pit flying by. Than made a small mistake just passed the half way mark, just before pit entrance, so I decided to go to the pits a little early, and regretted it right away as I soon had 3 battling cars about to lap me. Did get front seat for that battle though, nice to see. It was just driving to the line fast enough to keep the No Turn Unstoned guys behind me. Eventually managed to pull off an 11th spot, best of the lapped guys and an awesome number of 4 guys behind me :eek:. Still very nice to have raced for a couple of laps (even though I apparentely lagged :S)
  10. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

  11. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    Rob, the link for provisional results show Watkins not active, so can see the results, qualify is working
  12. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    It works for me, Patrick. Try clearing your cache, or force a refresh: hit CTRL+F5 on the "dtms2_results.html" page.
  13. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    well this 2013 DTM league is over,
    Watkins Glen than,

    the qualify went as expected but the competition was hard in it, managed to get p6....

    the race: the goal was to secure p2 in the team championship and to steel some points away from my direct opponents in the individual championship.
    by my absence at Moscow I lost double points so dropped from 5th to 9 th in the championship, Roger Prikken, Darius Wielgosz and Jonathan Acerclinth and team mate Kyle Kaiser all precede me in the championship.
    so I new what the mission was. Only Darius got in front of me in qualify of my direct opponents.
    As teammates we worked on the setup to be optimal, Kyle did great and got pole awesome buddy.
    got clean off start and lap 1, nice somebody did not and missed t1. by t4 i saw somebody left off track, by lap two Kyle was suddenly behind me?
    lap 3 told Kyle to go past me i new he was faster then me so went downhill a little off throttle and let him pass in the process Robert weismeuller slipt true.
    Also Jonatan Acerclint closed te gap and was breathing down my neck. since hes a opponent in the ranking for me, so tried to keep the door closed, jesus jonatan you got me sweating, saw left mirror right mirror.
    lap 8 could not hold Jonatan any longer afraid to burn out my tyres and he slipt true, nice work Jonatan.
    lap 12 Jonatan surprized my by a earley pitstop so i got p 4.
    lap 15 all pitsstops started me in position 3, lap 17 went in myself, clean stop and out behind jonatan.
    lap 20 Robert closing in on me, with in his trail Chris Shepard.
    lap 23 us tree closing in on to be lapped Kevin Vaasen, who made ASAP space to pass, must off been a scary moment Kevin .
    lap 24 t1 my cars over steers and Robert managed to get right under my wing, had more speed downhill and saw Chris pass him as well.
    but Robert was not gonna give in an the both off them had a hard battle, switching positions in every turn, got me a little breathing space for a short while.
    lap 26 see Chris drop back, and Robert attention focus back on me.
    lap 27 just in the last turn before start finish Robert surprized me on the inside and got past me, nice Robert.

    I managed to cling on but could not threaten him at any point, so ended up in p5.
    team mate kyle finished in p1.
    So I think we secured p2 in the team championship.
    cant wait to see the final standings
    well done all, thanks SRP
  14. Jonatan Åcerclinth Licensed Driver

    DTM13-14 over, was an enjoyable season overall but the cars took a bit of work to get used to, unfortunately as I came on form nicely in the last few rounds :)

    Watkins Glen is a track where I usually am able to find a good bit of pace at as it suits my driving style. I'm good at getting quick entries to corners and keep the speed up through the corners, I wasn't good enough this time around but it wasn't as far away as it looked like.


    I was on the pace very early. I joined the server with Tony and Andy and did a few laps and made a few changes to the setup and then blasted into the 34's on a on the edge lap which I was happy with but I thought it would be a bit too slow to be in or near the top but it was a nice surprise to see that it would put me high up on racepace :oops:


    Unfortunately only got 2 laps in before I had to leave to eat. Got a resonable 35.0 on the board and on the second lap I was up for a possible 34.3 but unfortunately I was too close to Bjorn and I ended up his bumper in the last sector so couldn't improve my lap time.

    Left and ate and then came back just as Warm Up started and I was happy to see that I was in 11th even though the time wasn't as good as I would have wanted it to be :)


    As the race got under way I had a resonable start. Not something I will write home about but I didn't loose any positions which was the main goal going into T1.

    Unfortunately I understered in the uphill lefthander that is located in the 3rd sector and hit the wall which slowed me which caused contact and a spin for the guy behind me a big crash.
    I'm sorry for causing the incident :(

    After a few laps, as Patrick writes above, I ended up behind him. I felt I was quicker but it isn't easy to pass on this track. I proceded to try and stress a misstake out of Patrick and made a few half atempts at a pass but wasn't going to commit unless I knew I had a good opportunity.
    That opportunity came when I dropped back on the opening part of the 8th lap and I then caught Patrick out of T7 and had a slight overlap and outbroke Patrick and just about managed to close the door coming out of the corner and I could pull away and catch Robert and Andy who were ahead.
    It was some great defensive work and a enjoyable battle Patrick. Sorry for having made you sweat :)

    Was a couple of seconds behind Robert and Andy when they made contact due to the lag Andy was having. :eek:

    After this I quickly caught Robert but I decided to make a quick pitstop in case I would have as much difficulty passing Robert as I had had trying to get past Patrick. Was looking to made use of the fresher tires to maybe even catch Andy. :cool:

    Had a few close calls after the pitstop of which especially being out of control between Chute and Toe got me on my toes which I think was obvious in TS :eek:

    Made position after position and soon found myself in 3rd and only 5 seconds or so behind Andy.

    Was thinking that 2nd might be possible until I asked Rob something I can't remember and found out that Kyle had pitted. I can't imagine how he made so much time up but oh well, 3rd it was and dropping time to them on the back straight on every lap and then keeping up in the curvy parts of the track while dropping the guys behind so I knew that a 3rd place was very much a possability as long as I stayed on track and banged in consistent lap times.

    With a few laps to go I noticed that I was gaining a lot on the car ahead who was Andy after he had had his CTD's which was unfortunate :(

    Caught him with 3 laps to go and had the chance to try and make a bold move in the curvy parts but decided to take it calmly and made my way past on the second to last lap and then cruised home safely to take 2nd place which is delightful but a bit bitter as it should have been Andy's after his brilliant drive :oops:

    Thanks a lot to everyone for the battles and the season and thank you very much Andy for organizing this, was an awesome season :)
  15. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    Coming into this I didnt expect much because I did about 20 laps in practice day before, because I was bored of this track after VW.

    in Quali I got P4 which was okay, but missing out on Q2 by about a tenth always dissapointing.

    Race: I got a decent start, into the first corner I was suprised how early everyone braked. Obviously its a standing start so you dont have as much speed into T1 as if you were on a hotlap so you'd think you could afford to brake a bit later but unfortunately for me I thought wrong braked later and there was some contract with Robert on the outside. My apologies about that. That incident in T1 deconcentrated me, I couldn't get mt rhythm and made a mistake in S3 spun the car into the wall and to make matters worse Carlos/Joao slammed into my stationary car on the side of the track. Carbon copy of Montreal really. Amateurish mistake from me at the beginning and then someone crashes into me. Shouldve checked my car for magnets after Montreal really.

    Damage wasnt as bad as I thought. I passed several guys. Good battle with Bjorn for a lap and thats about it. A very very lonely race in 8th place.

    Thanks everyone for this season. All in all for me it was a good season despite some amateurish mistakes last 2 rounds from me but because I won a race. Which is awesome given the fact I joined in midseason! Thanks to Andy and all involved for this enjoyable DTM season and see you on the track in different cars ;)

    Stay moist.
  16. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Well what can be said, a big thanks to all for participating and making this a great league to not only run but race in too. :)

    2nd in the champ!!! yes, yes, yes as seb vettel would do and say!


    P: Could not get the set up right although i knew i could go much faster, frustrating.

    Q: Suffered alot with small mistakes and the competition was high, managed to get upto 6th place, happily.

    R: Best start i have had all season, i had a run on Dariusz but he got worried and made the mistake of hitting Robert, so that helped a few spots into 3rd i was, not along after Kyle and Chris collided somehow and that gave me 2nd and gaining constantly on chris.
    So the nerves start kicking in as they do :eek: , next Chris spins, Dariusz spins im in 1st place by the end of lap 1! :confused: more nerves!

    I took the lead for a lap or two then Andy gave me a challenge and i passed by keeping the car going somehow :p Chris drove by and then we had some fun until i fell asleep and missed my braking point, Chris enjoyed a first class flight off track :( sorry again. Great pressure from Andy too, Kyle on the rear but a mistake dropped me back into 3rd with Robert sniffing my exhaust pipe like a whore on crack, great battle with Robert but he had enough eventually and stepped me to one side with a lick, the sniffing just wasn't enough. :D

    This all coupled to the demise of what could have been a podium spot again, though 6th it was i had to make do and get on the throttle, long time due 5th came after someone pitted , lonely part of the story..... :rolleyes:

    7th after pitting and gaining on all in front, after my mistake on Chris prior to meeting his rear again i had intended to stay behind but had lag unbeknown to me, great racing as always Chris.

    Overall 6th, happy as that was a good race all in all.

    Cheers and see you next time for season 3!
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  17. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Well done with your P2 Andy, thanks for a great league.
    You forgot the "baby" bit in SV's victory celebration quote (nice image, btw), and the unforgettable "we are who we are". :p
  18. Luis Ace Licensed Driver

    A great experience these series. Cong. to the winner and to the organization.
  19. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Thanks again all and Rob kind words :)
  20. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    any news on the final results and standings, Andy.?
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