DTM S2 (10/11/13) Round 3 - Norisring

Discussion in 'DTM Season 2 (finished)' started by Andy Breedon, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Season Format

    Race day: Sunday 10th November

    Practice Server - "simracingpro.com DTM P"
    Race Server - "simracingpro.com DTM R"
    • Each round contains practice sessions which we will use as if qualifying in stages, warm-up and mixed race formats.
    Practice Server
    Practice 2: Server will be open after the end each round. (Practice Server is shut down 5mins before Q1)

    Race Server
    Practice 2: 19:55pm GMT - 5 mins (this is used to give all drivers time to enter the server)
    Qualifying 1: 20:00pm GMT - 15 mins (Open, practice 2 session)
    Qualifying 2: 20:15pm GMT - 5 mins (Top 3 Superpole)
    Warm up: 20:20pm GMT - 5 mins
    Race/s: 20:25pm GMT - 2 x 38 Laps (60 Mins approx) - Reversed Grid (top 8)
    • All rounds will run approximately 1 hour & 30 mins.
    Race Start

    Not Required.


    Important Information
    If your name is on the entry list you are expected to turn up for the event.
    If you don't, you will be reported as absent. (Absence reports shall be used for reference in any future or current leagues you have entered and may result in you being refused entry into future leagues.)
    Reserves can sign up by posting a message in this thread using the form below. You must stay in your chosen car throughout all races and read all the rules below before signing up.
    • SRP Rules & Regulations can be found Here.
    • DTM S2 Specific Rules & Regulations can be found Here.
  2. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Welcome to Norisring!
    To score any points you must complete 75% of this race, laps for each round will differ.
    Laps to be completed to score
    28 laps

    Car: Mercedes
    1.Kevin Vaassen
    2.Norman Bruce
    3.Luis Ace
    4.Loz Reid
    5.Tobias Olsson
    6.Jonas Orfelt
    7.Chris Shepherd
    8.Carlos Borges
    9.Tony Matthews

    Car: Audi
    10.Diego Battaglia
    11.Andy Breedon
    12.Gaetano Bellanca
    13.Giorgio Russo
    14.Bjorn de Haas
    15.Patrick Wuyts
    16.Alexey Rublevsky
    17.David Slee
    18.Aaron Channer

    Car: BMW
    19.Kyle Kaiser
    20.Roger Prikken
    21.Andy Moore
    22.Chris Dark
    23.Andy Vandevelde
    24.Davy Vandevenne
    25.Jonatan Ã…cerclinth

    Reserve Drivers
    Marius Neverauskas
    Dariusz Wielgosz

  3. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver


    Who had one to many shandys and suggested this track? :rolleyes:
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  4. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Lmfao, well i can say i don't like it either hahaha :D
  5. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    For what it's worth, here's what sometimes works for me: I try not to dislike any track...if I feel weaker on a particular circuit, it's worth making extra effort to get better, and that usually means more practice. Granted, on a track which is as simple as Norisring, that task becomes a bit mind-numbing and you fall into a pattern of going slower instead of improving lap times!
    My approach is to find one challenging aspect to conquer at a time; the braking on this track would be first on the list. Maybe try a couple of different steering/braking settings (both in-game and on the controller settings) with a default setup to find some confidence before starting with the car setup development?
    In short, finding a way to overcome any weakness becomes a goal in itself and can counteract whatever feelings you might have about a particular track. Then, if (hopefully when!) you start to close the gap on the fastest drivers, it will be all the more satisfying.
    Can someone get me down off this high horse, please? :D
  6. Dariusz Wielgosz Licensed Driver

    Why people hate this track so much LMAO. 2 Hairpins and a chicane. Not much to hate tbh.

  7. Chris Dark Licensed Driver

  8. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

    I hate the simplicity of it. :)

    2 laps of this and I'm ready for a nap. :p
  9. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Roll on Sunday. Hopefully getting the night off work too, so I don't have to rush about straight after race. ;)
  10. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

    Whats the lap times on this track? 45s?
  11. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

    I'd like to seriously suggest emergency replacing this track with 400 laps of the Abu Dhabi pit lane.
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  12. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    Oh dear, i know Kyle but many wanted orig tracks! and most are or have been :)
  13. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    Andy wen are standings updated?
  14. Andy Breedon SRP Manager

    This morning Patrick, have been struggling with one issue for a few days but a will be done today.
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  15. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Note to oneself; I must sleep as soon as I get in. Cannot miss this race! :rolleyes:
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  16. Chris Shepherd Licensed Driver

    Indeed I was being Stranne. I've not gone to sleep! Oh no! :( :p
  17. Patrick Wuyts Licensed Driver

    Andy in the topic standings, the link rattlesnake point gives a error when used, I now we can see the results below in topic but I would be nice if we had the same like the Algarve when used only these results, much cooler for me to post on the Awol website.:D
    I seem not to be able to find the qualif results for rattlesnake?
    by the way I'm impressed with your video editing skills Andy, very nice work.:cool:
    keep it up we will make sure you've got plenty to choose from :D
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  18. Bjorn de Haas Licensed Driver

    good luck guys and especialy my teammate Andy:D
    I have no pedals yet so you have to miss me guys but im in the grandstand with a big beer.
  19. Jonas Orfelt Licensed Driver

    cant realy explain how angry i was race 2 speend 37 3/4 laps beeing pissed off
  20. Kyle Kaiser Licensed Driver

    Well I can't say that wasn't eventful.

    Qualy went ok, though I beat my qualy time in both races so I don't know what to think about that.

    Race 1 I can barely remember.. traffic at the chicane on lap 1, a wild Aaron Channer appearing sideways from behind Andy Breedon's car on the exit of the chicane, Tony Mathews facing up instead of forwards :D and an Iceberg on the last turn :eek: somewhere in the middle and the checkered flag at the end.

    Race 2 was more interesting than race 1, was able to slink my way up to 6th and do some attacking, around the middle I ran into Chris Dark on the last hairpin, apologies dude, happened so quick I couldn't really do anything to avoid it :(. After that had a great fight with Gaetano and managed to get p3. Going to go stick my head in some cold water now to get me out of this daze that track has put me in.
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