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Discussion in 'Other Driving Simulations' started by Nicolas Béver, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Nicolas Béver Licensed Driver

    I installed a non official version of Assetto Corsa and Project Cars to test them before to buy them but I'm pretty disappointed.

    AC and PCARS have amazing graphics that is a fact but the simulation... where is it ?
    I put the games in "pro" and the cars who are not easy in rFactor 2 (RWD cars) looks so easy in these games.

    Is it me or these games looks more like "arcade games" than simulation ?

    I did only a few laps in both of them but only graphics are interesting.

    Am I wrong ?
    What do you think about these games ?
    I don't want to buy a game who is not a real simulation.
  2. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Firstly, I'd like to make it clear that we do not advocate the use of "cracked" or otherwise illegal knew that of course, but perhaps someone new around here does not, and I wouldn't want to give the wrong impression! ;)
    Are there no demos available for those two games? Hmmm, another thing which ISI does better...

    Secondly, I have no experience with PCARS, so I can't really comment on its quality. Having said that, I imagine it's pretty much the same as AC in that it's not finished yet. If you remember that while you're doing the "beta testing" for the companies who are releasing software which hasn't reached a mature state yet, you won't be so disappointed.

    Lastly, I stopped making comparisons between one sim (which I know very well) and another (which is totally new to me) some time ago, and just tried to concentrate on the feel at the wheel. I think it's very subjective, and while one driver loves the feel of a particular sim, another driver hates that one and vice versa.
    You need to spend a lot of time getting a sim to feel good before you can make a judgement, and since I don't have that much time these days, I will stick to one sim until I see a very good reason to add another unfinished game to the collection.
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  3. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    I am old enough to remember when "Beta testing" didn't cost me £30........ and A pint of Bitter cost 10p but that's another story.
  4. Andy Bonar Licensed Driver

    I can only comment on AC, but from the outset, it feels very much like an arcade game....I just cannot see how they can market a game at sim racers where you start a race and cannot even put your car in gear before the lights go out!!!

    Yet they try to sell you DLC packs when the game is not ready...if it is in its final state of release, then I wasted however much money it cost me when i bought it when it first came out.

    HAving said that...I havent done much in it at all, but, it does feel a lot better than it used to....graphically...yes, its better than rf2....but Id stick with rf2 over it any day as I like my racing to have as much realism to it as possible :) And...not to forget the amount of totally free content you get with rf2, both from the vendor and 3rd parties....its a hands down winner on al counts for me.
  5. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    Project cars is rubbish, and very much an arcade game. Assetto Corsa for me is really nice, and not arcade, but, I do think its missing something - its that feeling you get, cant put your finger on it, know what I mean? Overall, it does do driving really well, but for actual racing and real life racing simulation, its missing out in those areas.

    Not gone on rFactor 2 for alot of months. At the beginning it was the best by a long shot compared to what I had, but, it had gone downhill for me. Maybe I should go back to it, see what's different in it now. I liked the karts in it, some of the best kart simulation I've driven. Just didn't like much else, including the set up time and effort required to get how the game works best for you.
  6. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    @Nick D

    Take a Rf2 Clio for a spin around your favourite sprint style track and tell me that aint fun....
  7. Nick Deeley Licensed Driver

    I liked the Clio's when they first came out. Havent been on rf2 for months, and like I say, maybe I should go back to it when I find the time to install and get it all set up.
  8. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    I suspect that if you haven't used rF2 for a while, the karts will be the most satisfying to you now Nick, particularly because there are a few more tracks available. The karts are still the ONLY content which fully uses the most up-to-date CMP (contact patch model), and they feel absolutely amazing! Definitely top choice for open wheel. The best touring car is still the BTCC Honda Civic imo, and I really like the C6R or the Nissan GTR in GTs. :cool:

    AC has excellent content as well, but I can't get the feel I can get from those I idea about PCARS, and I don't really care to find out.
  9. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    hey guys, i have both games and like them. course is AC much more a sim, but i just like a lot
    of racegames and pc is extremely beautiful. I can let go of just expecting only the greatest sim, if the racing
    is nice and the car doesnot do crazy things. I even see league oppertunities
  10. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    But not here.
  11. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    It's also very quiet at SRP..... looks almost dead....
  12. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Not almost, completely.
    Once AC bmw series finishes it's done.
  13. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    Really???!?!?? Well that's sad news the least to say...
    So where is everybody then... all splintered out to other websites.
    It's too bad, not that long ago we fully enjoyed Race07.... the leagues where
    finished then, we all spoke about the new games AC and PC. But now it's not working
    for SRP for some reason. 1league with not that much drivers..
    I'm sad about this. Took a break myself due to personal circumstances but this is not what
    i expected....
  14. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Stacy speaks the truth. It's sad, but inevitable when the people in charge lose interest and they just let it die. THREE leagues in a row had to be cancelled, and it's mostly because there was nothing going on to attract drivers.

    Everything which could attract interest was taken away (like the front page, for example) and the whole Driver's Licence system was just another obstacle preventing new people joining in, even just for some casual racing.

    Coupled with the staff shortage, fewer and fewer people even visiting the site (you're not the only one who was away for half the year!) the effort of trying to create interest in the new sims was just wasted.

    I tried to keep the ship afloat by myself for several months, hoping Breedon and Braham would get their sh*t together, but it soon became clear that neither of them gives a monkey's about the place anymore. Sorry, but that's the truth.

    Andreas Löffler is the only staff member actually doing anything, and even his S3 of the Porsche league had to be cancelled. The ONLY reason I'm still logging in here is to keep in touch with some good friends. Unfortunately, I don't count Yuri or Andy among them.
  15. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    All the above is exactly how it is.
    Move on nothing to see here.
  16. Martin Kraaijenbrink Licensed Driver

    okay i understand.... What...3 leagues ??? that's a bit too much indeed. Personaly i even would have continued with race07
    cause i still liked it, but everybody was done after the last league. Couldnot join Rfactor2 don't have it.
    And yes unfortunately when the guys from staff just let it die, that's very sad. Don't know if they tried hard enough to find
    a replacement before stopping/leaving, but you would expect that. Especially Yuri who's the founder of this all!!

    Yes i know that Rob and i always had the greatest respect for you and the guys who put so much effort and time in it.
    You guys where the ones that let me and others race for a a couple of years against good drivers, the time i could invest in racing i spent it in hours of good training and respectful racing. As a single parent and hard working man i couldnt take a job as staff, cause a job it is, especcially when you are a league organiser. And that's where the great respect for you and also Andreas indeed comes from. Very good chance i was staff without a child, just loved the leagues here and the top for me was joining STC2010-11 with FDR and SRP as our homebase. It's really sad but the reality that it's dead here.

    But are you still racing Rob and Stacy or......? What are your plans now i should ask...
  17. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    Thanks for your kind words, Martin. Indeed, Yuri promised some big changes but all we got was continued absence. :rolleyes:

    A couple of weeks ago, Sector 3 Studios (formerly known as SimBin) released a patch for RACE'07 which revives the multiplayer lobby, so anyone who wants a bit of nostalgia could do that...but why anyone would go back to that 8-year-old game when you have newer titles is beyond me. Read about it here:

    As for current racing, it's against SRP rules to advertise other communities in the public forums. My plans are to get back to actually enjoying racing. Send me a pm, and I could steer you in the right direction. ;)
  18. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    Already pointed in another direction Rob as per military junta rules and regulations, mind you I have nothing to lose, so if any other old members turn up I will offer the information freely and see if anyone of authority is still taking enough interest to kill my membership.

    TBH I doubt it.
  19. Rob Hermans SRP Manager

    lol, I can help you with that, not a problem! :p

    Well, I'm quite happy to stick to the rules, a) because I'm not going to flout them just to "make a point", I've done nothing wrong and there's no reason to start, and b) because I actually agree with that particular rule.
  20. Stacy Newcomb Licensed Driver

    I fully understand your position Rob, as always have the greatest respect for the way you have dealt with what has been a frustrating situation.

    I am not trying to a) make a point, I simply have nothing to lose anymore, and see no reason not to express my feelings, I can do no more than be honest with my comments, to be honest I have nowhere to race at the moment which is "Kin" annoying to say the least, so the loss of access to an all but dead Forum is really really low (high ?), on my list of couldn't care less.

    Yes I will not argue that my decision to not stay in the Clio series was exactly that, My decision, but others have left without comment prior to my departure, I have now been joined (rather ironically) by the person who I once considered my Nemesis, who is incidentally the driver who tried to put in a protest against NK for his incident with me, and was told this was not acceptable ??.

    But Hey Ho... onwards and upwards, But lets be totally realistic SRP is dead, R.I.P.

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