After Rally Wales- RBR RallySimFans mod

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  1. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    Let's check this site out too. It has 1 big total installer for the plugin and tracks. You download cars from within the plugin once you have it set up. It is slick, it is easy and it works perfectly. The only down side, is that the installer is distributed by torrent (for some a problem) and it's 1.05GB. I can put it on Mediafile (I think anyway... kinda big) or dropbox or something if need be. Also, tires wear can be carried over from one stage to another, but car damage can't and there is no service area for damage. Also, you need to register over at the site. Use an easy password because you have to enter it every time you use the plugin. I had Lastpass make a password for me and LOL it was a major PITA until I changed it!!

    I don't know if it plays well with the Czech plugin, so either do another installation (you can install RBR, get it set up with all the original content and just the way you like it, then copy the entire RBR directory and paste it to a c:/RBR2 directory and it'll work fine) or wait until after the rally and install it then.

    Attached is a .rar file with the torrent in it.

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  2. Guy Moulton Licensed Driver

    OK, given the lack of interest, I'm going to just keep it simple- the Czech mod it will be. We won't use the RallySimFans mod.

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